12. Recognise myths about violence against women and educate others about them

There are many myths that exist about men’s violence against women in Australia. Read this list by The Line to get the facts. Find the myth that speaks to you the most. Share it with friends, colleagues or family on Facebook, Twitter or by email.

How does it help?

Many myths exist about violence against women. These include what causes it, who is affected by it, and who is responsible. Busting these myths helps end men’s violence against women and promote gender equality. You can take action by raising awareness and increasing understanding in your networks.

Keep going!

You can keep recognising and challenging myths about violence against women:

Challenge myths about violence against women when you hear them.

Please note that these clips/articles contain information regarding the topics of sexism, gender inequality and violence against women. If you find the information distressing, please click through for information and support on self care. If you or someone you know is experiencing violence, please visit the our help section for further information and support.