11. Find out why we have a gender pay gap in Australia and tell others about it

Many of us know that there is a gender pay gap in Australia, but don’t understand why. The Australian Government has identified five key factors that contribute to it.

  • Visit this web page to find out more about these factors and other aspects of the gender pay gap. Then talk to a friend, colleague or family member about it.
  • Check out Australia’s Gender Equality Scorecard. See how we are tracking in closing the gender pay gap and creating equality at work.

How does it help?

International research shows that the unequal distribution of power and resources between women and men is one of the main drivers of violence against women. The gender pay gap contributes to unequal power between women and men. This includes economic resources, social status and participation in decision-making. It also makes it more difficult for women to leave a violent partner.

Keep going!

You can continue to take action about the gender pay gap:

  • Break down some of the misconceptions around the gender pay gap with this video. Be prepared when people say the pay gap isn’t real!
  • Learn about the ways gender pay equality also benefits men in this article.
  • Suggest a gender pay audit at your workplace to ensure pay equity.
  • Read this checklist that describes pay equity practice.

Please note that these clips/articles contain information regarding the topics of sexism, gender inequality and violence against women. If you find the information distressing, please click through for information and support on self care. If you or someone you know is experiencing violence, please visit the our help section for further information and support.