Photo Exhibition

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This is a special moment. The night before I opened up about my experience of child sexual abuse to another survivor… Incredibly validating. The next morning I went jogging and thought – I’m a survivor, I know what that means now… I fell on my knees, crying. I felt hope and acceptance surging inside of me! I took a photo of me immediately after.

Men who are dads have a big opportunity to shape gender stereotypes for their children. I like to let me my daughter choose the games we play and I don’t mind a bit colour in my life!

Clothes are for everyone. Regardless of gender or sexuality wearing a ball gown and make-up is fun!

This photo was taken in 2019, when Elijah was about 4 months old. Adjusting to life as new parents and multi tasking to get the things that need to be done, done becomes a new skill. Adapting, connecting and enjoying the ritual of cleaning, with baby in tow.

Despite all stereotypes about unhealthy masculinities, men can be sensitive and nurturing as well.

I know that sport is one of the (many) spaces that women experience sexism. This is my favourite (Serena Williams) T-shirt. The front reads “Greatest Female Athlete” and the back reads “of all time.”

This shows us on a family outing to see the Matildas match.

I’m a huge fan of sushi, puns and gender equality!

I love to dance! In this photoshoot I’m trying different movements to capture different emotions.

When husbands and wives share the domestic and mental load, it helps to build a happy married life together.